Hello, welcome, and thank you for visiting my web site. The reason for the web site was prompted by the opportunity to gain a publishing contract for a book that I am currently writing. One of the criteria for the proposal I am to put forward (apart from having a very good book) was to have a web site up and running which would also be part of building a platform. The platform also consists of building followers on Twitter (@alanpeterj), Instagram (apjacko4), LinkedIn (Peter Jackson), and friends on Facebook (Peter Jackson). I will also  be creating a You Tube Channel very soon. I will also be writing a blog as often as possible and hope to attract subscribers. I am relatively new to all this and hope to become more efficient as I go. Your help and patience is requested.

I would like to encourage you, my friends, family and others to help me with this publishing proposal by following me on the different social media platforms and asking your friends to do so as well. It would be greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance.

My first blog is about the most important people in our lives. ‘Precious Cargo’

Yours Sincerely, Alan P Jackson.

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