Gone to Bed

The beginning of the New Year is well and truly over. I know this because I saw Easter eggs in the shop the other day. Because I spent two weeks in Vietnam over Xmas/ New Year I feel it necessary to finish where I left off with my last blog regarding my childhood trauma around Vietnam.

There was never any apprehension regarding visiting Vietnam, and it is a wonderful place, and I had a great time. There was this need though to know more about the American war (as they call it over there), so I couldn’t resist a visit to the Cu Chi Tunnels where the Viet Con guerrillas lived underground for twenty years. This is a fascinating story which will have to wait another time or you may research yourself and be amazed by it.

I also searched bookshops for anything that caught my eye regarding the truth about the war. I wanted to well and truly put this thing to bed. I found a book called ‘50 years (1945 – 1995)of Vietnamese Diplomacy’ which turned out to be exactly what I was looking for; again, another story which will have to wait. Hint though; I’m not so sure that the Vietnamese were the bad guys.

I don’t get to see my six brothers very often, but when we had a reunion by our sick sisters hospital bed last week, I mentioned that I had spent two weeks over Xmas in Vietnam. Ray said, with a big smile on his face, “I’ve been to Vietnam.” We both laughed, and in that moment, everything was put to bed.

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