Ode to Paul

There is no need for forgiveness, for you have never been judged.

But you know that now.

You have always been loved, cherished, respected and appreciated.

But you know that now.

You can be proud of your life,

For you lived your soul’s purpose and played your role to perfection.

But you know that now.

You were warm, caring, compassionate, and a great friend.

But you know that now.

In death, you will learn that which is available to us all in life.

Pure love is our essence, and death is just a different way of living.

Life after life after life.

But you know that now.

You have gone, you have moved on,

But we will always remember you,

As charismatic, enigmatic, systematic

And at times, dramatic

The long hair and that vacant stare

Your belly laughs and big calves

The corny jokes and funny smokes

Your honesty and generosity

The way you’d hoard with ferocity

Blowing a fuse when the Blues would lose

And calling the boys bandits

When you were left stranded

Thank you

Thank you for the fun times and the great memories

You are loved and you will be missed.

But you know that too.

Your Friend Peter