Inside Eyes

The view from a mountain top is something to see.

It’s a wonder of nature and special to me;

The same in a valley or down by the sea.

I’ve seen the beauty out there; I’ve seen it everywhere,

Like a winter sunset or a summer sunrise;

And it seems there’s nothing to compare

With a dusty red desert, and its flaming orange skies;

Except what I see with my inside eyes.

I’ve watched you grow and seen you glow,

From a baby in my arms to a woman with all her charms.

And of your beauty; ‘tis a beauty rare.

With skin soft, gentle and fair,

And most times I just have to stare.

But I see more,

When I see,


My inside eyes.

I see feelings never felt, like a card that’s never dealt.

I see my soul in all its glory about to tell its story.

The power and the peace, the beauty and the bliss;

This love that resides,

I see,

With my inside eyes.

You are a treasure, a delight, and a pleasure;

With so much love, it’s hard to measure.

Like a bird singing, a baby giggling, and lovers kissing.

The sun through the rain, the moon on the sea;

When you be with me.

I see so much love when I look at you,

But it’s not the same; it’s not the view,

When I look inside at all that’s new.

It’s hard to explain, and it’s hard to complain.

I’m blessed; like seeing thunder and the world under.

My inside eyes have wandered through and seen the Wonder;

Hidden beneath the love that’s real, a love surreal.

An oasis of enlightened souls with auras glowing,

Drifting weightless with wisdom and knowing;

Mindless and uninhibited without desires.

All this I see, with my inside eyes.

I see all this, and of this I’m very fond.

I see all this,

I see beyond.