Longing For You

I feel confused not knowing where I’ve been;
Not sure what I’ve done, or what I’ve seen,
But as sure as the stars above,
I long for your love.
Been here before, been on my own,
All by myself, but never alone;
Helps me change my point of view,
But still, I long for you.
Time will pass, and at times very fast,
And I know our love will always last.
Sweet memories remain, they cloud the pain;
Somersaults on the beach, and frolicking in the rain.
The view from your window and the ghost train
The love you give, the love I receive;
Where do you go to? Why do you leave?
I miss you, and going beyond.
I’m with you, but I long for your love.
We’ve gone places never seen.
Where very few have ever been;
High’s and low’s of vast extreme;
Many times over, old and new,
And days and nights longing for you.
At times I sit and dwell.
Another program working well;
Can’t tune it, can’t break the spell,
So I ride it out, like the prisoner in his cell.
My love has been as big as an ocean,
But now a raging river of emotion.
I’ve done my best, always been true,
But still, I long for you.