My Sanctuary

Oh love; you are my lover, my love, in love in love

You are heaven in heaven, the engulfing truth

Your beauty rises from the depths of my despair

Like the lotus flower from the mud

The swamp lily from the quagmire

You are the flame and the light

Distinguished and inextinguishable

I reside in your flowing magnificence

I soak, wash, bathe and swim in your purity

I am drenched in your oozing

Your endless existence

The enormity of you

Intrigue, bewilderment bestows me

The awe of your power, your divine essence

I perch upon your timeless serenity

And sense the presence of your intoxicating desires

I taste the sweet nectar of your fruitful joy 

Your breath revealed as inhaled life

Feeding the pastures of my inner oasis

Of addictive peace and desired bliss

You are everything, and the only thing


The love I was born to be

My sanctuary