Rite of Passage

A new born baby and the joy it brings;

Just another life in the scheme of things.

Could it be the end, or where the journey begins?

The end of the innocence, the purity soiled,

And the miracle of a being, about to be spoiled.

A spirit at it’s best to be put to the test,

And given a belief to keep up with the rest.

We’re born with the truth and can die with the lies;

All that compromise and no one to hear our cries.

But we’re born with a voice and we’re born with a choice;

Given to the boy so he’ll become a man,

And hopefully abide by his parents’ plan.

I awoke today with a girl on my mind,

And I heard the school bell ring for the last time.

I was feeling free like a Hippie high,

And my head was floating like a cloud in the sky.

I was ready to live, while some, were ready to die,

A coming of age, the turning of another page,

And the innocence of youth lost in the rage;

Was I ever a boy, and now forever a man?

Betwixt and between and that looming liminal stage;

Like a cat, stalking the canary in its cage;

Vulnerable and exposed, cold like a winter chill,

And feeling like a boat standing still;

With it’s sails waiting for the winds to fill.

But the winds of change will come my way,

And I’ll voice my choice and have my say.

I’ll work and wed and tribe the tree.

That’s my role, my goal, the way it’s meant to be;

A pattern of beliefs or delusory deceits?

Have I awakened my soul and become more curious,

As the magic and mysterious became more serious.

Another age, another stage, and I turn another page;

Has the canary escaped from its cage?

I can hear it singing, and it reminds me of that bell ringing;

Music to my ears, as I’ve faced my fears,

And discovered my worth and my wealth.

And now; I can finally be my Self.